Hello Pandora!

Welcome to an exploration of the mystical meaning of the main themes within the movie Avatar.  In particular, I will explore the “avatar process” of a human entering into the awareness and consciousness of a Na’vi, an inhabitant of the planet Pandora, as well as the meaning of Na’vi ecological and spiritual practices.

I contend that the “avatar process” portrayed in the movie, is an apt metaphor for what actually occurs as non-material “light beings” incarnate as the souls of human beings on planet Earth.  I will show how this understanding is i) core knowingness for ancient Daoists, founders of classical Chinese medicine, ii) the central theme of Nanci Danison’s book describing her beyond-death experience,”Backwards”, iii) consistent with the wisdom folklore around angels, and iv) the basis of a theory-of-everything, including consciousness and spirit, called the Lila Paradigm.

In addition to explaining these correspondences, I hope that this blog will encourage engaging and respectful discussion of these themes, the inclusion of other human experience that also resonate with these themes, and possibly the development a soul view of the ethos and synergetic relationships that support these understandings.

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