Hello Pandora!

Welcome to an exploration of the mystical meaning of the main themes within the movie Avatar.  In particular, I will explore the “avatar process” of a human entering into the awareness and consciousness of a Na’vi, an inhabitant of the planet Pandora, as well as the meaning of Na’vi ecological and spiritual practices.

I contend that the “avatar process” portrayed in the movie, is an apt metaphor for what actually occurs as non-material “light beings” incarnate as the souls of human beings on planet Earth.  I will show how this understanding is i) core knowingness for ancient Daoists, founders of classical Chinese medicine, ii) the central theme of Nanci Danison’s book describing her beyond-death experience,”Backwards”, iii) consistent with the wisdom folklore around angels, and iv) the basis of a theory-of-everything, including consciousness and spirit, called the Lila Paradigm.

In addition to explaining these correspondences, I hope that this blog will encourage engaging and respectful discussion of these themes, the inclusion of other human experience that also resonate with these themes, and possibly the development a soul view of the ethos and synergetic relationships that support these understandings.


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active in Transition Towns, pioneer in social networks, software engineering prof, amateur astronomer, lover of mystic poetry and beautiful minds, Daoist and Sufi, intrigued by complete theories of everything
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  1. avatarmystic says:

    THE AVATAR PROCESS In the movie the protagonist Jake, when he arrived on the world Pandora, was to use a so-called “avatar” being with which to learn from the Pandoran race of beings called Na’Vi. This avatar was a hybrid combination of DNA from both the Na’Vi and human beings.

    In order for Jake to “use” his avatar; that is, become consciously immersed in the hybrid being, he as human enters a “link unit” a long tank-like container where technicians wire his head and chest. When this is done and the unit is closed, Jake’s consciousness is totally immersed in the sensations coming from Na’Vi avatar. For all intents and purposes, he IS effectively a Na’Vi. He spends some time in training, getting familiar with actually moving, perceiving and being a Na’Vi.

    When Jake meets a local Na’Vi clan at their “Home Tree” and starts communicating, they consider him to be a dreamwalker, and decide to study him, as “Jakesully”. As the plot of the movie plays out Jakesully becomes more and more Na’Vi, and more and more alienated from his own human tribe (except for a small group of sympathizers). Eventually, the incarnation process becomes complete, and Jake is no longer a human being, but an actual Na’Vi being, inhabitant of the world Pandora.

    I believe that this story is a striking metaphor of what actually happens when our non-material souls incarnate with the conception and birth of human beings on Earth. Later posts and comments will flesh this out.

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